About this Book

This book was produced on Apple Macintosh computers.

I used Digitool's Macintosh Common Lisp to edit and test the book's sample code. Bill St. Clair's HTML-Editor.lisp extended MCL's editor to handle the HTML markup language used in the construction of this book. This way, I was able to edit and test the Lisp code directly in the book's source files and avoid errors I might have otherwise made by cutting and pasting sample code.

I used various Web browsers to view the book.

I used Excalibur by Robert Gottshall and Rick Zaccone to spell check the book, and the computer version of The American Heritage Dictionary Deluxe Edition by Wordstar International for my dictionary and thesaurus.

All software and hardware used in the production of this book was purchased at my own expense. I support shareware products by purchasing those I use.

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