Object Programming

Olivier Baudon

This course is for students of the first year of the Master Informatique (Master Degree in Computer Science) at the Université Bordeaux 1 and at the Pôles Universitaires Français in Ho Chi Minh City.
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Lessons :
  1. How to write readable and reusable code
  2. "Why a Square is not a Rectangle ?"
  3. "Why a ColorPoint is not a Point ?"
  4. Generics and Collections
  5. Patterns Adapter, Decorator and Observer
  6. Swing
  7. Threads (Concurrency)
Examples :
French version
Archive : course 2009

Final Exams :

Zip file of the Eclipse workspace

Training Lessons :
  1. Shapes
  2. Automata
  3. Graphs
last update : march 19th 2008