Lecture d'Articles - Master Informatique

UE Initiation à la Recherche (IR) - INF 401

Articles (2007-2008)

  1. [BKC08] (arXiv): Navigability of complex networks
  2. [BT08] (SIGACT News): Can Quantum Mechanics Help Distributed Computing?
  3. [DP08a] (SIGACT News): Distributed Quantum Computing: A New Frontier in Distributed Systems or Science Fiction?
  4. [DP09] (SODA): Dual-Failure Distance and Connectivity Oracles
  5. [DP08] (SODA): Bounded-leg distance and reachibility oracles
  6. [Dom07] (AdHoc LNCS): Compact Routing
  7. [Pettie07u] (ICALP): Low Distortion Spanners
  8. [Woodruff06] (FOCS): Lower Bounds for Additive Spanners, Emulators, and More
  9. [DHM07] (SODA): Approximation Algorithms via Contraction Decomposition
  10. [ACL08] (JCSS): Compact Roundtrip Routing with Topology-Independent Node Names
  11. [AGK08] (SODA): Computing Excluded Minors
  12. [BK08] (SODA): Improved Distance Sensitivity Oracles Via Random Sampling
  13. [Blelloch08] (SODA): Space-efficient dynamic orthogonal point location, segment intersection, and range reporting
  14. [CGT08] (SODA): Ultra-Low-Dimensional Embeddings for Doubling Metrics

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