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Robert Strandh


Courses before 2003-2004

Guide to new graduates concerning how to select your future employer (in French) (preliminary version, comments appriciated).

Undergraduate Computer Science program

The web site of the new undergraduate program in Computer Science

Programming projects

Eclipse Window Manager A window manager entirely written in Common Lisp.

Gsharp Score Editor An interactive, extensible score editor written in Common Lisp + CLIM.

Gseq/Lseq Library A library that allows efficient insertions and deletions of elements in a sequence.

Earley parser A parser library that is capable of handling a large class of grammars very efficiently.


Psychology of Learning How one can explain resistance to learning.

What is wrong with Lisp The Lisp language seems to provoke strange reactions.

Mini course in touch typing Some hints concerning how to become a faster typist (in French).

The Common Lisp programming language


Web Resources

While it is possible to telephone me, I prefer that you send me electronic mail. My address is